map-bellinghausenNationality: Russia

Location: Collins Harbor, King George Island

Information: This Russian (formerly Soviet) Antarctic station is located at Collins Harbour, on King George Island of the South Shetland Islands. The coordinates of the station are 62 12’S 58 56’W .

The station is connected by unimproved roads to the nearby stations: Chilean Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva, Chinese Great Wall Station, and Uruguayan Artigas Base.

Bellingshausen has a normal population of 25, despite its max. capacity of 50. It has gained a reputation in recent years as a trading post, with station members often willing to swap or sell pins, flags and clothing.

History: It was one of the first research stations founded by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1968, set on the nearly ice-free Fildes Peninsula at the island’s southwestern tip. It is also the location of Trinity Church, the only permanently staffed Eastern Orthodox church in Antarctica.

After a fuel tank farm was established the station became a major fuel depot for the Soviet Antarctic fishing fleet.

Wildlife: Chinstrap Penguins, Adelie Penguins, Blue-eyed Shags, Southern Giant Petrels, Antarctic Terns

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